Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Temple Recommends, a New Companion and Baptismal Interviews

I have a new companion now, Elder Alvarado, from Perú. He has 4 months in the mission so is still getting used to mission life. His trainer was my current Zone leader, and a good friend, and so he is very obedient. He's gonna be a big help to the area for us.

We have a group of youth who we have begun teaching at least once a week.  It consists of our 2 recent converts Norma and Yessenia, their best friend Paty (who was baptised a year ago), and 2 recently reactivated members who were each inactive for many years.  The ward is very pleased, and each one of them is now a temple recommend holder, all hold callings, and are each going to the temple on Wednesday with us to do baptisms. It is nice watching your converts turn from converts to active members in the ward.

Here is an entry from my journal about my first baptismal interview I conducted:

"30 Abril 2014
Today I'll end with good news. We have 4 set baptisms for this Saturday in Las Cuadras from the district!  When the elders told me, the first thing I realized was that I'd end up doing all 4 interviews.  The entire family is getting baptised. 2 parents, and 2 kids. The youngest will turn 8 in a few months and also be baptised. This is especially cool because they are having their wedding on Friday, and their baptisms all on Saturday.  So back to the Entrevistas: I arrived at the capilla nervous. I guess that's natural, the first time you do anything, but I prayed in the trufi for comfort and I felt better when I arrived.  The first interview I had was with the dad. The family lives by very humble means, so I wasn't expecting any deep doctrine questions, but he asked me some very interesting ones about Joseph Smith and church history. It seemed like he has been doing a bit of internet research on the church. I was able to resolve all of his doubts though. I came to realize that he was way more nervous than I was during that interview, so it was nice knowing I wasn't the only one.  The mom's was next and hers was more simple. After one interview, the rest seemed to flow nicely, and they all passed.  It's amazing talking to people who are really changing their lives completely. Each one of them has a spirit to them that is indescribable and strong."

Elder Potts III
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

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