Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A New Mission President

Last week the old mission president went home, and as of friday, we are under the reign of a new president, President Hansen.  NObody knows too much about him, but I was able to meet him on Saturday.  He is tall, hefty, in his late 50's, and wears hearing aids.  He came off as a great guy though.  I'm excited for the future with a new President.

We had out last conference on Wednesday with Predient Dyer, and it wasn't like normal ones.  It was filled with crying, last testimonies, and even a talk by Sister Dyer on "How to find your future wife." She asked us to take notes, but the fold it over and not read the notes until we get home.  The conference ended with president and sister Dyer hugging each and every missionary, and sharing a few words with us.  Presidents words to me? "You will be a great leader among these missionaries, Elder Potts."  It really meant a lot to me.

My companion and I had an experience this past week with a new person that we found. " We went and visited a little old fragile lady this morning named Hna. Espinoza. I have never wanted to help anyone so bad before. First of all, she is 80 years old, lives alone, and has no family even in the country.  She is also very sick with diabetes, and suffers from severe depression.  All she wants is for her family to be with her again, but her husband passed away a few years ago.  We had a very long visit with her, but I know she enjoyed every minute of our company. We shared with her about the plan of Salvation, and how this information can help her understand better our purpose here on earth, and where we are going. I know she was glad to learn about this plan. She no longer can read, so we will leave her with videos or audio to listen to next time we visit her."

So, Magda, the Golden Investigator we have been teaching now for a few weeks, introduced us to her sister, Flavia this past week.  She is 100% just as golden as Magda.  It was amazing teachign with both of them, and Magda began helping us teach the restoration and bearing her testimony... She hasn't even been baptised yet and she is already giving her testimony!  I feel blessed with the investigators that we have right now.

I love you all, stay safe and advise me of your activities throughout the week!

Elder Potts III

Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

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