Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kioskos in the City!

Last night was transfer night. The same as every 6 weeks here. After waiting up super last for the call to come in, it turns out, I'll be staying here a bit longer, and with my companion too. Nothing is changing for us, but the whole zone is getting transfers.  I'm happy though. We have a few more people here preparing for baptism, so it would be a shame if one of us was transferred out right now.

One of the new methods of missionary work is geared more towards the upper middle class, or the upper class.  This way of contacting these types of people is hard too, but it's just a test for south America to see if it's productive or not.  We set out big kiosks and passed out cards. They even have those square smart phone things, where you take a picture and it links you to the page. So, that was pretty cool.  My turn was on Friday, right around 5-6.  All of the working class left their jobs, and there we were, in the biggest plaza in Cochabamba with swarms of them passing by.  We assumed it would be busy so we had 4 elders there, instead of the normal 2 elders.  It actually turned out super successful, and at one time we had all 4 elders talking to different people.  We ended the day with about 10 references, and easily over 100 cards passed out.

So, remember the curly haired new convert, Jessenia? She has not only attends every activity and meeting we have had since her baptism, she has also successfully reactivated one of her friends.  Her name is cecilia, and has been inactive for 2 years.  She also being a med student, has just focused on her studies and basically forgot about the church.  The first Sunday she came back, she cried through all of sacrament meeting, but told us afterward she felt right at home in the capilla again. It was amazing to see the spirit touch her like that!

All in all, I have about 10 months left here in the mission.  It sounds like a lot, but honestly, the first 14 months have passed in a flash, so, in probably 40 emails or so, I'll be back in America! Tell me about your week everyone!

Elder Potts III
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

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