Monday, July 29, 2013

Transfers, Dogs, and El Espiritu Santo

Well, to start off, transfer information came in last night.  Everyone in the house was waiting up until after 11 to receive a phone call of the changes. It is always nerver racking on these days, since you never know what's going to happen.  The President told me 2 things before, during an interview: 1, that my companion and I would be separated. 2, that I would likely be the one leaving the area.  The call came in from the district leader and... well, neither of those 2 things turned out to be true. The only change that is happening in our entire district is my companion has been called as the district leader, and we will be together at least one more change. Sort of anticlimactic but I can live with it. We are starting to get a lot of work done, and this past week we found more new investigators, and taught more lessons than any other week before.
Dogs were seriously swarming the streets up until about a week ago. Sometimes I could see more dogs than people in the streets, and it was starting to get ridiculous.  About every 2 days there is usually a huge dog fight, and many of the street dogs have missing ears and chunks missing from them because of past fights.  A few weeks ago, all of the people who own dogs started putting these collars on their dogs. Well, they're really just neon colored cloth strips. I didn't understand why at first, and then a member explained ti to me. At least once a year, all policeman and government workers take a few days and all become dog catchers.  They do a good job to, since there are so many of them.   All the dogs that don't have the collars get picked up, and are put down.  Now, thank goodness, the streets are nearly empty! I harly ever see any stray dogs in the streets anymore.  Good news for people who walk the streets all day every day.
There is a family of less actives that agreed to have us over for a family home evening this past week. Every time before that we asked to visit them, they always had an excuse and said they were too busy, but finally they agreed.  We told them that we would have a lesson and a game form them, and we would have it at their house.  We brought a dvd over for them of mormon messages, since the grandparents can't read, and they have small children, so the video seemed like the best option for them. We watched one on having the holy ghost, or espiritu santo.  Just to give a bit of background, I have learned a lot of spanish. But I am not to the point to where I can say every single detail as I would in English. After the video, I was teaching and using words that weren't in my Spanish vocabulary. It was direct, and the spirit was there the entire time. After, my companion asked me what happened in their house, and I couln't even explain it. The next lesson we taught, my spanish was normal again.  These types of experiences make it clear to me that it isn't just me who is teaching, its the holy ghost.
Elder Potts III
P.S. there is a new mailing system here for the church. It is more secure, and faster, as all of the packages get here in about 3 weeks now. I just thought I'd let you all know ;) 

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