Monday, August 5, 2013

Fiestas and "espeaka engrish?!"


Well, this past week has been a great one. I look forward to every single day when I go to bed! (but not the waking up at 6:30 am, that part still sucks).  We have found success with our English classes, and The biggest party inall of Bolivia takes it's home right here in Quillacollo this week. It has already been interesting, and it just started last night!

The English class I teach has attracted many people to the church, and has turned into something bigger than I thought it ever would.  There are some people who let us know they would like to attend the class, but can't make it on tuesday nights, so we suggest teaching them in their house. These are golden opportunities! Its a more relaxed situation for one, and it builds the trust and friendship a lot more than from a class of 10 or 12.  The other missionaries close by have also bandwagoned the idea, and their investigators also attend the classes. Between the members, the other missionary's investigators and ours, we usually have a good turnout.  It does put stress on me to prepare a new english lesson every week, especially with my limited materials.  But it is strengthening my teaching skills tremendously, having to teach in front of so many people.

While we have many investigators, and tons with baptismal dates, they all have some sort of fear or doubt, and there is not much we can do except visit them and help them. I know the baptisms will come, but the wait is agonizing! Especially when you know the investigator is more than prepared for baptism.

This week, the parties begin. But for missionaries here in Bolivia, all that means is us being stuck in the house all week.  So basically this is apparently how it has gone here every year in the past: There are parades on Sunday and Monday (we saw one last night, and one this moning on the way to internet) And then Tuesday there is a huge tradicional dance that everyone prepares all year for. This lasts fromTuesday until Thursday, and during it, nobody works, or even sleeps. Everybody just drinks, and that is why it gets dangerous and we can't leave the house for those days.  Its pretty certain that there will be some sort of violence haha.  I have a few photos that I will send over from one of the parades, and I'll try to get some of the dances for next week!

Elder Potts III
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

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