Monday, August 19, 2013

Gringo Burgers, Llamas, and Baptisms!

Well, another week has past with it being difficult to work.  2 weeks ago was the party of the virgin, which was big.  Then we learned that that party was just the pre party. Ukupiña is the gigantic one, and that closed our area down even worse for 2 days.  No tiendas were open, all restaurants were closed, and the members weren't even in their house.  It was a difficult couple of days, but we got through them.

On Saturday, a group of us went up to the city to get supplies and meat for a cookout that we are doing today for our zone.  We got there and went into a super market, and ran into another american, who started talking to us.  He owns a burger shack, so he helped us with selecting the meat.  We got to talking, and turns out he is a member, and a convert of 6 years!  He moved here because his wife is from Bolivia. instead of travelling by trufi, he agreed to take us back if we went to his burger place to try one of his burgers, and helped him set up. We agreed, and he gave us 2 of his best burgers a person! They were the best food I have had since I got here.

The other day, a member was talking about video games with us, and it got me really confused.  He told me the name of his favorite game was "Llamas Del Infierno." So using the words I knew, this sounded like a weird game.. Lamas of Hell.  He explained how you play and beat the game and all, and I followed up by asking where the lamas were, since that was the title.  I expected it to have some demon lamas in it or something.  They busted out laughing and had to explain to me that the word "llama" can also mean flame, and call. Flame in tis case.  I felt a bit awkward after that.

We have 3 investigators with baptismal dates for September 7th.  We are trying to invite at least one more investigator for the same day. They seem solid, so I think we will be baptising at least 2 of them for sure.
If we do, that will mean I will have baptised every transfer so far. My goal is to baptize at least once per transfer, although this mission is not like a Peruvian mission. All of my friends serving there crank out at least 2 baptisms a month. I have realized it takes perfect obedience, and relying on the holy ghost for the work to progress.  I have felt the blessings of hard work and obediance here in the mission. It really works!

Elder Potts III
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

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