Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Apartment Hunting and Teaching!


Well, another week has gone by without me hardly realizing it.  This week has consisted of more house searching, the temple, and a brand new elder in our house.  Its been a good one!

This past week, I had the chance to go to the temple! (por fin!) The Cochabamba Temple is a good sized temple too.  Bigger than the Atlanta and Lima temple, that is.  It was a temple trip for the whole mission, so I was able to see all of my missionary buddies from the mtc and in other areas.  My camera is broken, but I will try to borrow my comps card to send some temple pictures!

This past week, we received a new Elder in our house.  His name is Elder Supayabe, and he from Santa Cruz.  When he came into the house for the first time, we all noticed tht he only have one tiny suitcase with him.  After getting to know him a little better, we all found out that his family is not very wealthy. at all.  They paid 100 bolivianos for his whole mission, because thats all they could give.  Thats only about 14 us dollars.  After talking to the other elders, we found out he's only got 4 white shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and one pair of shoes. yikes.  We are all in the process of putting together a bunch of stuff for him though.  My companion is giving him another pair of shoes, and I thankfully kept some of the shirts I brought in the package.  He also didn't have a suit jacket, and missionaries always have to wear the jacket to church.  When I asked him, he said he didn't have one, but was going to buy one soon.  So remember the pants I have that ripped?  Those were the pants to my other suit, and I wasn't going to use the jacket until I fixed the pants again or bought new ones.  I ended up just giving him the jacket though.  He's a great missionary though, and is so appreciative for everything he's got.

The members hardly ever have any references for us.  There has been one reference given to us from the ward since I got here... 2 months ago.  So anyways, I have figured out a way to teach more people!  Since we are currently looking for a house, we have to knock doors anyways.  We find houses that have a sign saying 'cuartos en alquiler', and knock.  For missionaries here, its very hard to find an apartment because we have to find one that has a private bathroom.  This means that most doors we knock to find a house, we can't live in.  Thats when we just talk to them.  About anything and everything, then lead into who we are, missionaries, and eventually teach them the first lesson, and take out an appointment.  This has actually worked really well!  I think one of the reasons is because many of the people with rooms for rent are family people.  Moms and dads trying to rent out the extra space in their house or building.  We usually relate our message to families, and then ask when we can return again.  This has lead us to 3 great new investigators that love having us over.

Elder Potts

So this is how they wrap up their babies in Bolivia. As tight as they possibly can.  They think it gets rid of the 'chulista slouch' that everyone gets here when they get old. And they think it makes you taller hahaha

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