Monday, July 22, 2013

PB&j, French Toast, and References


One more week until transfers, and I am still unsure of who will be transferred out.  My companion has more time here, but the president told me I'd likely be leaving. According to other missionaries though,
the president has told them the same thing and they ended up staying.

There are some american foods here that are just unheard of. Some that you would think to be common everywhere. I have had random cravings for these foods, so I decided to make some of them.  The first thing I
had to find here, which was nearly impossible was peanut butter, to make PB&J.  I found a supermarket that carries this crappy kind of PB, and fed it to some members and the missionaries in the area.  They
were instantly hooked!  If the peanutbutter wasn't so expensive, Iwould make it all the time. But its about 7 dollars for a small jar of it, so we can't have it whenever.  The other morning, I also found ina local shop some slice bread. Completely unheard of here, and the other gringo's were suprised that I found it in Vinto, since nothing is here.  I used the bread to make some breakfast for everyone: french
toast.  They couldn't wrap their mind around dipping bread in raw eggs, but they also liked this food also.  I couldn't find powdered sugar, but I just used regular sugar wth a bit of water, and it turned
out decent.  They were less excited about the french toast though, even though for me, it was the greatest.

The biggest market in the southern half of south america is located right here in Cochabamba.  Mom, dad and anyone else who is coming down here in 2 years, this is one places we will definitely go.  They call
it The Cancha, and I still haven't seen every part of it, and I have been there probably 4 times.  Each section is divided up into the things they sell: There is a part for electronics, suveniors, clothes, shoes, food, sports stores, everything.  And everything is cheaper than dirt!  I am pretty sure it streches in each dirction at least 2
miles.  There are always so many people, you can't walk at all, but if you ever need anything. Anything at all, it can be found in the cancha, usually for under a dollar.

My companion and I have discovered an amazing way to find good solid investigators.  President Hinkley said that every new convert needs a testimony, a calling, and a friend.  The problem with investogators
you find from knocking doors is its very hard to retain them, since they don't have a connection to the church, like a friend.  Each day, we visit at least one family in the ward and set of a type of home evening with them, but for any day of the week. We tell them we will provide the lesson and a game of sorts, if the family can bring a
friend to it.  This has worked with 3 families so far, and has produced solid investigators for us.  They already have friends in the church, and are able to hear about the church from another perspective, not just a missionaries.

Tell me about any news from the states, if there's anything going on!

Elder Potts

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