Monday, April 15, 2013

Lima, Peru MTC: Week Two

Things are going super well in the MTC! I hope to hear from all of you guys! 
My day to day life is pretty similar, but I am learning the language and the gospel like never before.  I am up at 6 or 630, and at breakfast by 7. At 8 we have a language class that goes until desayuno. after lunch, We have an hour for personal study, then comanionship study for an hour also.  Next is our hour for physical activity.  This is so much fun because they have a turf soccer  field in the MTC!! The Latinos love to play some futbol, and its only an hour, so it is the best.  After that, we basically just teach lessons to fake investigators and TRC people for the rest of the night.  My MTC teachers do not speak but a few words in english, so all of our lessons have to be in Spanish. The first couple were pretty rough, but once you teach a few of them, it gets easier and easier.  This is the part that helps me learn the language the best because it is just talking with people. My brain is starting to process most things in Spanish rather than english, which even causes my sentence structure to get all messed up when I do try to speak english again! 
Today is Pday, and I'm a bit nervous because I have to lead 2 districts around the city.  I have 14 missionaries total and we have to take the bus to downtown and to the temple and all. I'm sure it will be fine, but there is some pressure on you when you have to be in charge of a bunch of teenagers. I am excited for the adventure though.
The Latinos are another huge blessing for us! We have grown so close to them in the past couple weeks, and your language skills skyrocket just from chatting with them in Spanish.  Since they are only here for 2 weeks, they left this morning.  My favorite little colombian missionary, Elder Supelano, came to me last night and asked in the mist broken english if I wanted to trade a tie.  I pulled out my hanger full of ties and he brought over the 4 he had to his name.  I ended up giving him one of my favorite ties, and told him we didn't have to trade one of his. He was so excited!  It was a slim tie, but since he only weights about 85 pounds, and is under 5 feet tall, it looks like a normal tie on him.
Just a question for everyone: Whats going on with North Korea? Im not worried or anything but everyone keeps saying were at war or theyre making threats? We dont get any news here so I was just curious.  Until next week everyone!
Elder Potts III

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