Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lima, Peru MTC: The First Week


My P day is actually Tuesday, so that is when I will be able to email everyone. El CCM is so great! The first big news of the week is... I have been called as a the district leader! I am over 6 Elders and 2 Hermanas.  One of the elders has a card reader so I may be able to send pictures!  In El CCM, the main responsibilites of my calling are just to oversee the district. Making sure everyone is making to class alright, leading the classes at the beginning of it, and organizing our sunday school class.  I also deal with any issues within companionships. It isn`t that bad though, and my district is super awesome and spiritual.

I have already learned so much spanish and it has only been 6 days here. I can pray in spanish, introduce myself in spanish and bear my testimony in Spanish.  The most spiritual moment I have had was when I was thrown into a classroom of all Latinos and asked to bear my testimony solamente en español. I was so nervous, but I just said what I felt in my heat with the few Spanish words I knew and it turned out amazing!
The CCM is awesome. It only has probably 100 or 150 missionaries at any one time, which I was not expecting.  The food is all Peruvian, but it is actually very good. My favorite juice they have is maracuya, or mango juice. All of it is freshly made.  They eat so much rice and potatoes, its ridiculous. In the us, we usually only have like, one serving of carbs but here its your entire plate. They`ll give you rice, potatoes, soup (with only one measly chunk of meat) and bread.

The teachers I have are so great, and they only speak spanish, and only a few words in english so sometimes it is difficult for them to get the instuctions across. They are very loving though. I will get pictures with them when I can.  One of my teachers is my pretend investigator and makes us prepare the lessons in complete spanish. It is so hard, but each lesson goes better and better.

In one of my pictures, you will see Elder Supelano. He is from Colombia and is such an amazing guy. He speaks a little bit of english, so my companion and I taught him how to pray in English!  It was so amazing and he was so happy.  Last night, he came to me asking if I knew how to tie a tie. He said he doesnt know how to tie one, so I taught him how.  He eventually got it and spent the next 20 minutes or so tying and untying it!
Anyways, I hope to hear from all of you soon. Keep me updated on whats going on!

Love Yàll
Elder Potts

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