Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Transfers, No Water, and TV Celebrities!

Well family,  This are going to be changing for me here.  We got the transfer information last night, and my companion and I are being separated. He is going to Potosi, the middle of nowhere, to be a zone leader.  I am staying in my area, and getting a new companion who's from Peru.  Apparently he is pretty new and only has about 2 months.  Another Elder also told me that he speaks english, which will be interesting!
The past week with my companion, we have putting it in overdrive.  Everyday I came home at night and passed out as soon as I hit the bed.  We taught more lessons and visited more families than I thought was possible.  On Saturday, we had our last baptism together.  When we got there in the morning at the capilla to fill the font, we found out that soemhow there was absolutely no water in the capilla.  The reserve tank also had broken, so we had no water t ofill the baptismal font.  We called the bishop and told him what the problem was.  He came down to see it, and we were right. No water.  SO we started making the plans to have the baptism in a river closeby the capilla.  The only problem is the is the drought season, so when we checked the river, it was mostly just rocky and had almost no water.  The baptism was at 6, and we still didn't have water when 5 o'clock came around.  Finally, we got ahold of a company that fills water and had a truck come and fill it for us.  WHat  a relief.  WHile the water was cold, we got the baptism done without anymore problems.  My companion got to baptise this time, in the cold water, and I conducted.  On Sunday morning, my new little convert asked me if I would confirm him.  I have never confirmed before, but I accepted and it turne out ok.
There was another blockade here in Bolivia last week, except this time in my hometown, Vinto.  So instead of taking a trufi to lunch, we had to walk the streets just like everyone else.  We saw a news crew a bit aways from us, but didn't think anything of it.  WHen we got to the pensionistas house, she grabbed us and took us toward the television.  There we were, close up on the camera on National Bolivian TV!  I tried to reach for my camera, but it went off before I got a chance to take a picture.

This is a picture of our zone!  almost half the zone is changing now, but it's been a great group of missionaries!

 Bolivian money!  7 bolivianos is about the same as a dollar, so you can figure the breakdown.  My city, Quillacollo, is the only one who has the 200 bills, and they are a pain because nobody ever has change for them!

 This is the boy we baptised on Saturday.  He is the brother of our other convert and now their whole family are members of the church!

Elder Potts III
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

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