Monday, September 23, 2013

Cristo de la Concordia, Bolivian Accents, and Reactivations!

Another full week of experiences here in Bolivia! I am actually in a ghetto internet cafe right now at the bottom of the hill from the Christ statue here.  We hiked it as a zone this morning, and it is basically stairs that go nearly straight up. It was far, but worth doing at least one time. I got a ton of good pictures too, so I will send them after!
This past week, we were running late to an appointment from a service project, so we decided to take a taxi to the house to change quickly.  We got into the taxi, and the first thing I noticed was a bunch of stickers of Christ all over the window and dash board.  We got to talking a bit, just about futbol and such, and then he asked what I was studying at the University. I guess he assumed we were students, since we live across the street from the Universidad Adventista Bolivia.  I love it when people ask us that, because it always gives us the opportunity to explain why we are here, and what we do.  So I told him we are missionaries for our church, here to help people, and invite them to Christ. Then something suprising happened. He turn and asked me if I was from Santa Cruz.  I quickly replied no.. I'm from the US.  He turned to look at my face, and laughed, asking how long I have lived here. When I told him I only have been here 5 months, he didn't believe me.  Now I honestly don't thnk I speak like a Bolivian.  But he might have mistakn me as one since I can't roll my R's with some words. Convienently neither do most of the Bolivians. They use sort of an 's' or 'z' sound, so I guess I have started to pick that up too. and it is easier. Anyways, we left the taxista with a pamphlet and our number, not expecting anything out of it.  That night, he called me, we took out an appointment, and now he is one our new investigators!
So remember the family who has been inactive for 10 years?  2 of my baptisms have been from that family, and we are still working hard to get them to come back.  Now all of them except the youngest are members, but the parents only came to see their kids baptisms and confirmation, then didn't come the next week.  So we came up with an idea. We planned a family home evening with the active members, my converts, in order to try and help them.  I asked the youngest one to share a scripture and a small message, and we could plan the rest.  Well, it went better than I expected! Aldrin, who is 9, shared a scripture and said directly to his dad "Papa, the only way we can live as a family forever is if you come back to church."  Then he shared his small testimony of the church. It was silent for a few seconds, and then both parents were in tears.  I know they felt the spirit right then, and hopefully this will help them come back.

Elder Potts III
Bolivia Cochabamba Mission

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