Monday, June 3, 2013

Power Outages, Baptisms, Dog Attacks, and More Ripped Pants


This week has been good, but a very long one also. A ton of things have happened, but I have enjoyed every single day of it.

I'll start off with some of the bad news:  We lost power last Monday when I got home from Pday.  At first it was the whole street, but everyones came back on that day except ours.  A reminder that we live in a town full of Adventists, and the dueƱo, or the land lord lady does not like uis for some reason.  Anyways, we have been promised it would be turned back on every single day, but its been 7 days, and still no light.  The secritaties are apparently working with the office of the building though.  The biggest problem this causes is no electricity means no heat for the showers.  Also, may I remind you that it is winter, and coming up on the middle of winter.  It is miserable, but they seem pretty certain that today it will be turned back on.

The next bit of bad/funny news is... I have ripped my pants.. again.  The same pair of unlucky pants that I had just sewed up.  So last wednesday or so, I was walking from Almuerzo to our next appointment, and there were dogs.  Dogs eating a bowl of old food.  Apparently they felt threatened by us walking, and came after us.  As I scrabmbled for a rock, I stumbled and the pants blew out in the crotch again.  The dog got me in the ankle, but it didn't break the skin, luckily.  It did rip through the ankle of my pant also though.  On the way back from the appointment, I did get my revenge though.  We walked back the same way, and I hit him with a rock from about 20 yards away.  Yay!  I was able to have my pants sewed up again too.  This time exta strong in that area.

Now for some good news:  We have our first baptism on Saturday! It was the older guy, our investigator named Victor.  He is about 73 years old and loves reading the Book of Mormon.  He already seems like a strong member of the church and bore his testimony on enduring to the end yesterday, which makes me feel good since it means he will probably stay active his whole life.

So last week I spoke in sacrament on Faith.  I was very nervous for this, and was supposed to fill about 10 minutes.  I was not told I was speaking until the announced my name over the pulpit.  So I scrambled and put something together.  When I got up there, I was very nervous. I was trying to relate faith to a muscle, but instead of using the word 'musculo' I said 'musculino'.  So basically what I said was you have to excersize your masculinity in order to keep a testimony.  I didn't even realize this until I sat down. At least it was over by that point!

Love all you guys! Email me if you have time!

Elder Potts

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