Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Exchanges and Baptisms!


Sorry for not sending a family letter last week.  It wasn't too exciting, especially because I was sick for about 3 days. But everything is good now, and it has been a great week!

If you guys haven't heard, last night at a missionary conference, they announced that all missions throughout the world will be able to use Facebook, and other blogs to spread the gospel! We will all be training the members of the ward how to use it also!  I am not sure when it will hit my mission, but all the members of the ward believe its going to be very soon.

So this past Wednesday, I had exchanges, or intercambios, with one of the Zone Leaders. He is an American from Arizona, and is a great worker.  This day was especially good for the both of us. We were in my area, which I know pretty well, and we got a lot done.  One thing that is frustrating for me is being trained, and being the junior companion.  I normally don't have a say in where we go, or what we do. But this day was different.  My normal companion does not like to knock doors.  This is understandable because we live in a primarily Adventist area, but I still feel that it can be very helpful for finding people to teach.  So when I went out with the ZL, this is exactly what we did.  The very first door I knocked, a younger lady answered the door.  We introduced ourselves and she actually seemed interested in what we had to say.  After a few minutes of talking, she told us she had spoken to the missionaries more than 5 years ago in another city in Bolivia, but lost contact.  SHe has 2 small kids, and invited us back without question.  We have two appointments with her next week.  My normal companion may not have had success with knocking doors, but I have now, and this lady is already a great investigator.  We also found one other investigator that day, and she invited us back to her house to meet with her again.  

On Saturday, we had another baptism.  This was the first baptism that I performed the ordinance for, and it was a great experience.  The person I baptised is a member of the Ramos family, the ones who have been inactive for 10 years.  Her name is Astrid, and she is already very active in the ward, and comes to every activity.  

This baptism has not only been a blessing for her, but for her entire family.  Between the english class, a sports night, the baptism, confirmation, and church, the family has now attended every activity for the past 2 weeks!  It started a few weeks ago, around the time that I started the English class.  First, it was the oldest son, Jonathan.  He told me he wanted to learn english, so I started the class.  He has attended every single one of them.  He later told me that he really loves to play basketball, so we incorperated "basket" into our sports night, which only consisted of futsal before.  He attended that activity, and even got the dad to come, since he also loves basketball.   Astrid also attended.  On the day of the baptism, the whole family came early to help set everything up.  Every member, from the parents to the 4 kids, came and helped us prepare for the baptism.  Even on Sunday, the family was there a few minutes early, for the confirmation of Astrid.  I was expecting them to only stay for sacrament, but they star¡yed all 3 hours.  We asked all of the members who knew them (which aren't that many, since it's been so long since they came to church) to talk to them and fellowship them during the meetings.  They did, and I really think they enjoyed their time at church.  One of the younger members of the family, who is 9, also told us that he would like to be baptised too.  Hopefully this whole process will get the family in the habit of attending church regularly again! 

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