Thursday, March 27, 2014

Here's Some Suprising News: I'm downtown now

So here's how my Saturday went:  

"Around 10 o'clock this morning, I got a phone call from the zone leaders while on my way to pick up out pension food from the tienda.  I answered, and all the told me is that we have cambios. TODAY. What does that mean? That means I am leaving my area, and I just have to pack everything up.  Of course I asked why, although they had no idea.  I got transferred to Universidad. This is the most central part of Cochabamba.  As in downtown. As in, I'm in the ghetto. And I have no idea how to work in an area like this. There are no cholitas working in tiendas. There are no campsinos working out in the farm to lend a hand to.  There are no people, really who have time to talk to us. Imagine missionaries in downtown Atlanta, or New York.  Nobody really has time to talk to us."
I only had time to see my pensionista and a few investigators before heading out to the city.  My pensionista, who we both refer to as 'Mami' was in tears from the second we got there until the second we had to go. It was so hard leaving my area, especially so suddenly. My investigators were in an outrage, and threatened to call president themselves, haha.  I arrived around 8 O'clock that night in the city.  The only thing my new companion, Elder Alvarez, wanted to share about the emergency transfer was that he talked to president the day before, and asked for a change. I left it at that, and did not want to pry assuming it was something serious.
My new companion as I said before, is Elder Alvarez. He is from Peru, and is the nicest person you will meet. He always greets every single person we see in the street, and offers service every chance he gets.  The area is a pretty slow one too, so I'm taking that as a chance to beef it up.  One elder, in the same ward but other part of the city, has been out for 6 months here and has not baptized yet.  We will be able to break this streak, it will just take time!
Love you all! Write soon!

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